Namatsi Lukoye (Spoken word)

DSCF7495Namatsi Lukoye is a passionate Spoken word poet, whose works create a multi sensory experience as she fuses song with poetry to stimulate your mind and touch the soul. Termed as the Soulful Queen by those who have heard her work; she uses Spoken Word which is one of the most powerful hallmarks of communication (because poetry is one of the most beautiful expressions of oneself) and fuses it with Song (the language of the world to provide an even more powerful stream of melodious words can get and touch to anyone).

She is also the founder of ‘Hisia Zangu Poetry’ which started in September 2010 at Bowling Green Nairobi. The concept was that it would offer poets a platform to perform their art in an outside natural environment where the wind was blowing and monkeys running around providing a total African experience. Hisia then became a group as poets wanted to be more involved than just performing hence the group adopted a unique purpose:- poetry and writing criticism. The main objective of the group is to offer a detailed critique of one or more poems and offer a discussion platform for anyone who wants to learn how to revise existing poems and improve the quality of future poems. With this came street poetry, and soon she took her own path in developing her works by having them recorded, she has produced the first album in collaboration with JKD, ‘Nirvana’ and is working on a second one.

You can follow her blog @

My pick of her works,sample at your pleasure:

The Champ: Namatsi feat JadeKD (Spoken Word Poetry fused with Song)


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