Jose Maria “Conseko” Wanjau Kahwai was born in Nairobi’s Mater Hospital on the 12th of January 1991, the eighth of the nine Kahwai children. He was brought up in Nairobi’s South C estate and later moved to Kinoo on the outskirts of the city shortly after starting secondary school. It was at the Aga Khan High School where his interest in the musical arts was sired and manifested in his participation in the school choir and later, when upon his graduation, his decision to pursue music professionally.

Donning the pseudonym “Conseko”, he went and furthered his education in Music Production at Homeboyz Music Technology Academy (MTA) in August of 2010. He then co-founded Uptown Records with his long-time friend Steve Khaemba where he is currently making and producing music.

Conseko’s style spans the genres in an inspirational expression of musical liberty, drawing influences from the late E-sir who he reveres as “the greatest rapper Kenya ever saw.” In addition to his status as a producer and solo artist at uptown records, Conseko also plays the keyboard for The 4Tune Tellers Band.

Still think i havent exhausted all the info well:

Look no further for the Links to his Music:


My recommendation:

Conseko – 2. Nairobi Saa Sita (G lean) (ft Product)

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