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@whatsupafrica: What is your take?

So not sure if you guys have been to this guy’s YouTube page but i like his take on African Politics and issues:

In particular these Kenyan related news.

The best damn African satirical news show on the planet! Created and presented by , produced by .

and it wouldnt be my blog without a little added weirdness:

Every Facebook Invite from Your Party Promoter Friend

Every Facebook Invite from Your Party Promoter Friend by Hallie Cantor (CollegeHumor)




So after much debating with my inner self,i have decided to cave in to the numerous requests to share my survival tips in class to those who share the hate fro class participation and those goodie-goodie two shoes who feel its a life calling to answer all questions asked while feeling the need to also ask some more themselves thus prolonging the afore mentioned class, and curtailing any chance for The Backbenchers to enjoy the much sought after SLEEP…



So to make it easier that even a retard would iunderstand i decided to use a flowchart as a visual aide towards enlightening those lacking in terms of class discipline on what to think about before they raise their hand in class,i hope after this,any other instances of class participation shall be thwarted and the revolution shall follow 🙂

The beauty of this flowchart is that it’s practically applicable in any continent of the world 😀

if you dare to ask what one should do when its exam time and yet you didnt prticipate in class well have no fear,i have anothe helpfull illustration for you :

for the rest of your college life i would advise this timetable: