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VALENTINES: MUST READ (Terms and Conditions) :)


So this research paper was done with respect to the whole valentine season weighing heavily on our heads and that fleeting moment of hesitation strikes our wallets so the guys at CollegeHumor decided to come up with a simple flowchart that will ease very many awkward momnets and save people hours of embarrasment,the flowchart should be answered honestly to achieve desired results so please enjoy your participation 😀


My love letter

I wont jump infront of a grenade 4 u,
but i’ll turn u frm a ‘his’ to a ‘mine'(thts also a bomb)
this feeling is harder 2 kill than Bruce Willis in tht movie ‘Die Hard’
i promise if u get with me i wont pull tht Britney Spears abbreviation, no B.S
we r mathematically fit like mx+c=y we shuld b 2getha
i knw smetimes i may dissapoint u like Santa on Christmas
but i will keep trying like Thomas Edison,
4get the haters all we gats 2 do is think like Obama n belive “Yes We Can”
I know @ times i can be confusing like tht Rubix cube,
bt i’ll try n make it as simple n healthy as ‘a,b n vitamin C’
i’ll lesten the H.U.R.T n only give u tht L.O.V.E 🙂
i love you