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REDRUM! Watch List

Welcome to My REDRUM! Serie Vault

So keep in mind,typing is soooooo….uhmmmm when was the last time i didn’t use gifs to save my grammar

Sanitarium (2013)


Are you ready for a Triller Thriller (Hahaha coz they are 3 in 1… .. .. hahaah 😀)
Figuratively Speaking
Monsters are Real
Up to the Last Man

My review


So how about something to a little up to date by Katy Perry’s – Bon Appétit (Official) ft. Migos paying homage to:

The Congress (2013)

Just in case you forgot the video: BLAM!

My Review:



For now i’ll leave you with this 😀😀😀 #TRIP




So am thinking some of these movies courtesy of College Humor should really be made instead of Dance movies like Step Up which i see no reason why they have to make a sequel when there really is no script but just a bunch of people pulling dance stunts i can never do with the same story being repeated over and over again..BOY DANCES..BOY MEETS DANCING GIRL..BOY ENTERS BAND INTO COMPETITION..PROBLEM..HUGE DANCE SCENE..WHAM BAM THANK YOU MOM..PROBLEM SOLVED…ARRRRRRGH,…

Anyway back to the funnies:

6 Real Life Horror Movie Posters - Image 1

6 Real Life Horror Movie Posters - Image 1

6 Real Life Horror Movie Posters - Image 1

6 Real Life Horror Movie Posters - Image 1

6 Real Life Horror Movie Posters - Image 1


I know,i know,i have been m.i.a for a while but really you guys should understand that i was in the Kenyan style,infamous ALCATRAZ: a.k.a Daystar,which is remotely far and plus i was just plain lazy or per-occupied to post quality stuff…anyway enough with the jabber and lets get back to the funny:

horror 3

hehehe you didnt see that coming...DID YOU?
hehehe you didnt see that coming…DID YOU?

I know most of you are enjoying the holidays but i have to say there are times when school really is best:

The only time ... STUDYING IS FUN
The only time … STUDYING IS FUN

T.V 101

So generally am guessing everyone by now has already stocked up on tonnes of movie viewership and as such should realize that our survival skills have been greatly expanded through learning what NOT to do in extreme danger scenarios such as Zombie End of the world Times,Cases where conspiracies arise and you end up like Jason Bourne, what to do when dealing with a life situation that was taken directly out of a horror movie script…no..no..no,i am not even going to indulge in Romantic movies coz all they do is just teach emotionally overloaded viewers how to CRY with a tub of ice-cream this is NOT helpful when a horde of zombies want to snack on your brains, IS IT?…am just saying.

So again thanks to the inter-web and those crazy stoners at college humor,i am about to add onto the already existing knowledge of the T.V Phenomena…

Speaking of stoners i just had to share this awesome FATHER-SON MOMENT, it totally blew me away 🙂


Now back on track,welcome to the T.V 101 Class 🙂

Am certain if you follow these procedures SURVIVAL will be certainly guaranteed :)… VIVA LA T.V