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Game of thrones: Another one bites the dust


I cant…i just can’t..

So George R.R..:

Well all is not lost at-least the death scenes have given rise to such reviews:

Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones – Season 4 Episode 8

SPOILERS! In the video! And likely in the comments! And even a little bit here! Because we need to talk! I probably needed to put this episode down for a while and look at it with bloody fresh eyes again in a few days. Feelings. So many feelings. We know the show is always great but…but…

Were you tempted to see the trial outcome changed? Book wankers? At least tempted? It would alter too much plot wise and deviate from the fucken tone…but boy it’s the most bloody tempted I’ve been to see a major change. Hug it out.


This is Funny, NO?

So before we get to the funnies, here is one for the Game Of Thrones Fans:

Game of Thrones characters re-imagined in 80s/90s style



Now back to what you here for:

If we could have any voice for our nav system, we’d choose Morgan Freeman. YouTuber Josh Robert Thompson envisions a GPS that not only sounds awesome, but also provides sage advice.

So i hope you got into the Morgan Freeman rhythm,because guess what he is back again in a new movie best described as:

It’s like “Limitless”… but with a girl.

The movie is : “Lucy” (Feat. Scarlett Johansson)

And here is to my Best Villain of all time:


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The “Game of Thrones” title sequence just got a nifty makeover by Hootsuite, featuring Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn.