This is Funny, NO?

So before we get to the funnies, here is one for the Game Of Thrones Fans: Game of Thrones characters re-imagined in 80s/90s style   Now back to what you here for: If we could have any voice for our nav system, we’d choose Morgan Freeman. YouTuber Josh Robert Thompson envisions a GPS that not […]

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The Guide to Selfies for Men

By Daniel Zeevi Good evening gentleman. Do you feel like you’ve been doing a little too much self-reflecting these days? The 15 Biggest Online Time Killers Need to check your Facebook News Feed just one more time? Or see what people are listening to on YouTube? Want to check your email for the zillionth time? […]

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Every Facebook Invite from Your Party Promoter Friend

Every Facebook Invite from Your Party Promoter Friend by Hallie Cantor (CollegeHumor) Related articles Police helicopter swoops in after Facebook party is overrun by 150 gatecrashers ( Who The Hell Uses Facebook To Send Out Invites To Private Parties? ( Teen accused of partying after bludgeoning parents to death (  

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Dear College Student

So basically you have all gone through this…yeah you cant lie…no,no,no am not talking to you teacher’s pet a.k.a MR & MRS I HAVE NO LIFE OTHER THAN STUDY… Yes i am also talking to you future University goers…coz this routine will be tattooed to your medulla-oblongata after the first two semesters :p Enjoy: Every […]

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So a friend of mine had some interesting “Fly” (Pun intended maybe) illustrations on her facebook page which am assuming she got from somewhere in this vast void called the Internet which i decided would look cool on my blog so i did what most plagiarizers do…COPY AND PASTE 🙂 THE ADVENTURE OF MR.FLY



So I was on a friend’s Facebook profile and I saw what I think is the most redundant, stupid and completely idiotic way to describe your self.   “I love to laugh!” Well who the hell doesn’t love to laugh? Really? “I tried it one time and I almost puked…” “Laughing? no thanks, I only […]