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Every Superhero Origin Story Ever

I know,i know i am kind of hating and obsessing on this super hero stories a bit,but can you blame me wouldn’t you be angry at not having the ability to fly,move at the speed of light and transform into a huge green indestructible creature…

I knew immediately i turned 11 and no huge man a.k.a Hagrid showing up at my door that my wizard future went down the drain,and that since Kenya is still eons away before meddling in super-secret scientific research that my days in the super-hero fantasy limelight would just remain that..a fantasy..So i have obsessed and still wish upon every shooting star that someday..yes,yes i know..i am very delusional…but who are you to call me crazy when y’all still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny..yes someday i will get my powers :p

So basically here’s a a summary of every super hero origin story as depicted by Caldwell Tanner of College Humor:

am i right?
am i right?





The guys who came up with this concept i must say are either retarded or genius(but who am i to judge there is a thin line between the two),but who care its rib crackingly funny and though i havent uploaded all of them i chose the ones that cracked my ribs,but you can youtube the rest ๐Ÿ™‚

Darth Vader vs Hitler

Cleopatra VS Marilyn Monroe

ย Halo Dude vs Leonidas


So am sure you Party Creatures of the night will agree when i say sometimes certain nights end up way more exciting than anyone could have anticipated and though such nights may have their lows,”For Sure” the High (PUN INTENDED) points were worth it ๐Ÿ™‚


while most of you still digest that whole night let me fill your visual senses with the most ironic,awkward and downright funny images i found on the inter-web…