Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Movie Kill Count

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie kill count includes ice cream, assisted suicides Sparing neither man nor animal nor giant, slimy snake, the good folks over at Auralnauts have collected every single one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s on-screen fatalities and posted it on YouTube just in time for Christmas. The Governator’s largest killing spree comes courtesy of 1985’s Commando—perhaps because that film […]

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Santa, You Are Wasting Your Life

Dear Santa: Here is my annual letter, sent in the very unlikely but still possible case that you actually exist. As I state every year, please consider changing careers. I suggest either taking over the post office of every country in the world, or perhaps running a spy agency, or founding a year-round toy manufacturing […]

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“Santa Hates Poor Kids” I really hate it that my family’s poor! I really wish I was a rich kid. ’Cause they always get all the pimped gifts for Christmas. Did I get a new Xbox? Fat chance! While Billy gets a new pony and a lap dance. Plus a tree house mansion and a […]


My Christmas gift to you

Here in Kenya lets just say Santa never gets directions to many of our homes so our parents make due with buying us Christmas clothes that eventually transform into Sunday Best clothes (a term for clothes you especially love and are only worn on very very special occasions) so i was bored and decided to […]

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