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So basically after College Humor,my inter web activities seemed limited until i found this wonderful site called 9Gag which Ladies Under Gentlemen is very very cool,trolling all night and day has never seemed so much more intriguing than playing Super Mario(for all those who haven’t played it “4 SHAME”… So…


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So yes..i gues the title summarizes the feeling i bear right now… why…why…why…? I NEED to be in this…..I want to be in this…hahah please please please let me get on the next one.. PLEASE!!!! What is THIS? I know should have probably started with what am ranting on about,because you are to lazy / […]

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Vote for Madness

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You may have heard that we’ve been nominated for Best Creative Writing Blog for the Kenyan Blog Awards 2014.  Cue unseemly celebration with terrible dancing and everything. I’d like to thank all you sick twisted people who nominated us. We will take you with us when we…

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This is Funny, NO?

So before we get to the funnies, here is one for the Game Of Thrones Fans: Game of Thrones characters re-imagined in 80s/90s style   Now back to what you here for: If we could have any voice for our nav system, we’d choose Morgan Freeman. YouTuber Josh Robert Thompson envisions a GPS that not […]

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All Things Disney

I know,I know,no new posts from me Bah! even i manage to scrap up some busy schedules,but fear not i have you covered,Going down memory lane on this chilled out day watching disney movies with my Nephew(Cool dude btw),so i decided why not do one for all-times-sake and troll the Internet and try muddle your childhood […]

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“You will not be able to plug-in, turn on and cop-out. You will not be able to skip out for beer during commercials, Because the revolution will not be televised. . . . The revolution will be live.”    –From the 1970 hit song by Gil Scott-Heron Kenya Film Classification Board???? About 5 days ago […]


The Guide to Selfies for Men

By Daniel Zeevi Good evening gentleman. Do you feel like you’ve been doing a little too much self-reflecting these days? The 15 Biggest Online Time Killers Need to check your Facebook News Feed just one more time? Or see what people are listening to on YouTube? Want to check your email for the zillionth time? […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Movie Kill Count

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie kill count includes ice cream, assisted suicides Sparing neither man nor animal nor giant, slimy snake, the good folks over at Auralnauts have collected every single one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s on-screen fatalities and posted it on YouTube just in time for Christmas. The Governator’s largest killing spree comes courtesy of 1985’s Commando—perhaps because that film […]

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Morpheus:  Do you want to know the truth, Neo? Neo: I do. Morpheus: Unfortunately, I cannot just tell you about The Matrix. For you to understand it you must experience for yourself, and once you experience it there is no turning back,  do you understand? Neo: Yes. Morpheus: Very well then. Now you must choose. […]

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