Insider Trading+The Internship

HA! Yes, That title is very misleading, I know. 🙂

Stay your Web comments dressed in Armour of CAPS…stay your hasty page closing,and lend me 10 seconds of your refresh rage.

I find it prudent to abuse my powers as the blog owner to spread a little cheer and share some information as to where I disappeared to. Weeeeeeeell, i have been busy interning with The Action Foundation,Yay for me right? Probably thought i was just a slave to my laptop with greasy fingers and a pot belly,typing away and sinking in this vast ocean known as the Inter-web..HA! Shocker…

Me at The Disabilities Inclusion Stakeholders Conference
Me at The Disabilities Inclusion Stakeholders Conference


Who are they you ask(or maybe you didn’t):

The Action Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya that enables children living with physical & mental disabilities in low-income and marginalized areas to lead healthy and dignified lives.( All in all Awesome Change-makers)

Thanks to the opportunity to work with the Organization i have been able to meet amazing and influential individuals:

My Meet and Greet with the M.P for Kibra Hon. Kenneth Okoth at the Call for Proposals Meeting by KCDF (Kenya Community Development Foundation) at Mchangayiko Hall, Karanja Rd.

Lawi Osino Odera, Communications Intern at TAF with Hon. Kenneth Okoth, our MP at Kibera

meet 'n greet with Hon. Kenneth Okoth
Meet ‘n Greet with Hon. Kenneth Okoth

If you still not sure where to find me or would rather find more information on the organization, visit:



The Action Foundation has a Saturday Event program open for individuals willing to spend time, donate and have a good time in line with the theme “Social Inclusion”:




Feel free to Sponsor a Child or Make a Donation



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