They Must Know!

Another day in my routine of an excuse i call LIFE! So tired, long day at work; don’t even get me started about the rain. Yes in abundance too, but what am i but a hindrance to nourish the earth, but enough about that, i am warm and i am home.

Yes! another construct by man to deny mother earth of sweet nourishing water.

Back to the matter at hand; My keyboard.

Back to that infinite sphere where Ray Rice is immortalized knocking his wife out.



That rhythm, it’s music to my ears. ClIcK! CLIck!

I dance my way down the pages, scrolling through, looking for the overlords; the gate keepers that hold sway on who or what as a collective of similar minded bullies we would make trend.

Yes ego filled, and hate propagators, a bunch of sociopaths feeding of the anonymity that is the web. Quick to voice our own set agendas and even more vocal at shunning any dissident voice.

OpinionAh some poor user has decided to ran her (mouth) fingers off and shared their opinion,but we do not care what they meant, we read it, we judged it, and we labeled them INCOMPETENT.We are the gatekeepers, none should fling their ‘opinions’ on our timeline.

Judge! Tweet! Be-little!

Click! cLicK! Retweet! Yes ‘Retweet’, the world must know of this poor user’s displaced ideologies (brain farts)

Oh look someone just posted a video of some kid slowly (painfully slowly) being attacked by a python, my morbidity takes in this sight with ravenous hunger, feasting n the pain, relishing in the clear distinct  shrill cries for help. I am engrossed.

More human misery to quench my sadistic thirst.

Yes Thirst! I drink nourishing cold water, the wander that is of nature, formless but yet now as it goes down my mouth into my digestive tract, i can feel it caressing the walls of my innards until settling in my stomach and enveloping the sack. So this is how mother earth feels.

Sorry Mother earth, My Home, My Building, My design, My! is always a priority!

I walk back to my throne; barely been 5 mins, but the inter-web has no cognizance  of time, there is news on the timeline, tweets rolling by faster than i can read them, The MAN! has fired one of his top security managers and another quit.

Let us rejoice! We shall be safe once more. Safe from ourselves.HA!

There will be the pungent smell of freedom in the morn. But who are we to know what the scent is,when we never tasted it, and the ones who did are lying embraced in mother Earth’s warm bosom, smelling nothing but creepy crawlies and soil.

That is true freedom, to be released from one’s own body and life’s problems.

Who cares though, they are long gone those “freedom fighters”…it’s our time to eat.

Click! cLicK!


I am too late yet again at making these MeMe’s( do you think you pronounce this the right way? HA!). The creative overlords, more trigger happy than i am have already dished out their picture bombs and now the web-sphere is alive with shares and retweet of this humorous quips,my participation shall not go amiss.

CliCk! cLiCk! SHARE!

cLicK! CLick!

I figure that is enough for my days troll exercise. But wait what’s this? A video with massive shares #arshtagged #SeeMe

As my stream kicks in to gear, my eyes open wide with anticipation.

On screen pops up a petite girl of age 13,masked with a dark glow, eyes sullen and weighted from a prior cry session, she stares into the camera lost in contemplation and slight doubt.

With a heavy sigh of resolve, she moves to the center of her neatly arranged room, and burst forth into weighted speech;

Do you see me now?

Will this make you look at me?

Now that you have seen ME!

Will you remember me?

Will you let others know who i was?

Will you let them see who I am?

via GettyImages (
via GettyImages

With that she walks over to her bedroom window, stares out at the magnificent crop row of tall buildings, this particular one seems to tower slightly betwixt the others, with hands steadied by resolve she climbs up on the windows ledge, stares into the cyclops eye of the webcam, her alternate window to an unnamed audience, and falls back screaming ” Remember Me!”, eerily the silence of the room void of the sad youth still streaming sends chills down my back.

What did i just see? Yes, yes i saw Her.

But what had i just seen?


I need that nourishing water, I need that formless wonder to fill this eroded gaping hole in my chest.

En-route to the kitchen i bump in to my younger sister, who is as always oblivious to the presence of beings about her, hunched over the ever illuminating phone, nad i realize so do i. I pause to let her pass, the image of that girl standing on the ledge flashes by me, as my imagination races with the possibility of picturing her tumbling down, grasping at air realizing that this wasn’t the solution, buoyed by gravity and mother earth’s concrete hands yet again ready to welcome more to her palace of ‘freedom‘.

No! I have taught her better. Have I?

Better than to listen to all those voiceless terrorists, screaming with CAPS and chirping tweets.

Yes! She knows better.(Does She?)

Seated yet again at my throne, the screen flickers alive at the touch of my mouse, ushering me back to my verse, the stream still on screen.

What should i do?

Close the tab!


The world needs to know this girl, see what a pack of vultures and hyenas we have become to drive such innocence over the edge.

No! They will call you morbid, a sadist.

If they don’t know, how will they see the pain in those young eyes, hear the sadness in that soprano tuned voice?

CliCk! cLiCk!




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