Letter to Myself


Dear Rabid Cur

Rabid because I detest the sickness that has plagued you

You have become a pathetic shallow husk of our former self,

Degraded to be a mere leech of sadness and loneliness,

Ever pawing at the past when there is no loop just “Press Play”

Addicted to wallowing in ifs and sorry,

Daydreaming of what was, could and would have been,

Your morbid humor now soggy and as tasteful as oats,

No more she is ,no more will ever be,

Just ever present as the bright blue sky and just as unreachable,

Cast down your hopes as Icarus when wax met heat,

No more I dare say, no more…

Scream no more of such fallacy as;

I can be,

I will be,

I should be…for You ARE!

You are the beast,

Just like one, hide in the shadows,

Back whence we came, away from hope’s light

It’s not for you…it is not for US,

Only for those that are worthy…

Cower and hide with Me where it’s safe,

Safe to be the beast,

Safe to be wrong,

Safe to wrong rights,

Safe from that “maybe” light

For only in strongest light can there be strong shadow…

We were once friends, let us be brothers once more,

Raise arms with the mob of voices,

Let us guide you in the safety of the dark,

We will stand by you now and forever,

We will be your joy,

We will be your strength,

We will be YOU!

Just YOU and ME….

(Insert mob laughter)


Never again be quick to forget who YOU are,

Never again be a burden,

Never again be weak,

Never again be quick to silence us…

Steel yourself with the past,

You have learnt from it.

Worry not for your future,

For WE are part of it!

P.S Don’t make US more pathetic than you have already made yourself.



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