“You will not be able to plug-in, turn on and cop-out.

You will not be able to skip out for beer during commercials,

Because the revolution will not be televised. . . .

The revolution will be live.”

   –From the 1970 hit song by Gil Scott-Heron

Kenya Film Classification Board????

About 5 days ago you may not have had an idea that these guys were operational,  but yet they sent a stern reminder that they shouldn’t be cast in the same light of legends such as the Illuminati and whether or not its true that The United States of America is spying on us( Still waiting on Ministry of Security to tell us otherwise).

My dear avid fan The Kenya Film Classification Board banned WOLF ON WALL STREET: “There is a LIMIT to everything and we believe the Kenyan public deserves better. WOLF OF WALLSTREET has been RESTRICTED. The film is NOT for sale, exhibition or distribution in KENYA. Violators shall be PROSECUTED.”

2The board is mandated by the Stage Plays Act Cap 222 and Section 34 of the Kenya Communication (Broadcasting) regulations 2009 to monitor broadcast content for compliance. Some of its specific jobs include examining and classifying (by age group and time of broadcast) or banning films.

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) had ordered that the movie Wolf of Wall Street should not be sold, exhibited or distributed in Kenya. Any violators shall be persecuted.

Alright calm down fans, before we pluck up tree branches,run amok onto the streets and make Hip- Cool shirts with the message “The Revolution Shall not be televised” 😉  KFCB is the body that has been tasked with film content regulation to ensure they conform to the national values.

According to the Kenyan national values, this movie has too much sex, profanity, nudity, drugs and alcohol which Kenyans should not be subjected to. It is with that authority that they have declared a blackout on our favorite actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, and Jonah Hill. The movie has been directed by Award winning director Martin Scorsese who is widely regarded as one of the best directors of all time. The movie that premiered in December across US and other countries is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. From his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. But before we jump the gun and start hating on KFCB, turns out the movie has been banned in many countries as well. It boasts a whopping 569 F-word utterances, prevalent drug use as well as an orgy scene. That is why these good people at KFCB are advising against this movie.
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