Being a Woman in Kenya Part 1 #KenyaRapeCulture by @TheMumBi

The Voiceless


A whole life subversively conditioned to the possibility of being violated, sexually assaulted or raped. Worse still is the likely possibility of your sisters, your mother, your loved ones being as violated and you being *powerless* to bring address to it. This is the life of women in Kenya.

‘Sit like this. Wear dark colours. Only loose women wear bold colours. Don’t stay out at night.. Your curfew is 9pm.. only loose women stay out at night! Don’t drink beer or alcohol. That sends out the wrong message and we did not bring up a prostitute in this home! Only rebellious loose women smoke!’ Come back straight from work.. no credible woman can say she was having meetings throughout the evening. And stay out of politics. Politics is for loose or divorced women.’

So you dress not to “call attention”  .. you talk ~either overly aggressive or lowly “not to call…

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