Hey,hey,hey its that time when i need to do my blogs CSR and talk about some serious stuff going down in the +254(that’s Kenya for ye who are illiterate)….so i know am the last person to dare have any type of say when it comes to fashion,seeing as my basis for any type of clothing is for necessity of warmth and social conformity but before i digress and make this about me and my contrarian beliefs,let me tell you about The House of Virgody that i happened to plagiarized from their About page because i found it very informational and plus i don’t want to keep digressing.

What are they generally about:

Indulge yourself in the captivating and enchanting House of VirGody Creations.

This distinct multidimensional house contains refreshingly original jewelry and accessories that is of expertly crafted museum quality.

Its hippysque,timeless vintage and African inspired eccentric elements and materials, provide its striking custom design that make it applicable and accessible for any type personality,gender or age.

For the overcritical Virgo, House of VirGody has seasonal association that posses instinct towards changeability and interchange of ideas to the next star sign.

The intention is to make you look alluring and feel cheerful at all times, as it is affordable, practical and creative.



Customized bracelets-350/=


Earrings- 100-200/=

Anklets-  250/=

Rings- 150-300

Bags-  600-3000/=


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Way world beauty-Nairobi west mall, discount stalls.




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