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My Brain Is In My Bra

Sometimes I sit facing the screen wondering what I’m going to write, and there’s a certain length that I’m expected to write or else I’ll just be viewed as one of those bloggers who flood the internet with every thought they’ve had since they farted themselves awake… and that, my friends, is a debilitating fear I only wish on a couple of women. Some things are too long for Twitter or too much to go into without being terrified of the people who actually know me in real life making an appearance in the comments section (FOR ONCE!) and exposing my past discrepancies. Of course I’ll delete them, but you know, the internet never forgets.

However, this is just a post for all those thoughts I thought were epic enough to be written down and posted. Some of them can actually fit online, but after my #BitchesBeLike fame on Twitter I…

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