My Brain Is In My Bra

I got this idea from my friend Jake…

(yeah, I have a friend called Jake, and I also have one called Lloyd, and I have another friend called Jesse, these white names….you know my life is filled with interesting things. I honestly don’t know why I’m always complaining…lol. Ok maybe I do. But wait think about it, human beings are so fickle. Like honestly do you think that you’d still be friends with some people if they weren’t named as they are now? I was asked that and I honestly don’t think I would. Imagine if his name was Sospeter instead of Kevin? Agnes instead of Sara? Guylord instead of Michael? Helga instead of Ashley?


As in I have actually thought about it and no. No. I wouldnt even be bothered. Like I remember I was introduced to this gorgeous man once, told me his name was Maina. I…

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