T.V 101

So generally am guessing everyone by now has already stocked up on tonnes of movie viewership and as such should realize that our survival skills have been greatly expanded through learning what NOT to do in extreme danger scenarios such as Zombie End of the world Times,Cases where conspiracies arise and you end up like Jason Bourne, what to do when dealing with a life situation that was taken directly out of a horror movie script…no..no..no,i am not even going to indulge in Romantic movies coz all they do is just teach emotionally overloaded viewers how to CRY with a tub of ice-cream this is NOT helpful when a horde of zombies want to snack on your brains, IS IT?…am just saying.

So again thanks to the inter-web and those crazy stoners at college humor,i am about to add onto the already existing knowledge of the T.V Phenomena…

Speaking of stoners i just had to share this awesome FATHER-SON MOMENT, it totally blew me away 🙂


Now back on track,welcome to the T.V 101 Class 🙂

Am certain if you follow these procedures SURVIVAL will be certainly guaranteed :)… VIVA LA T.V

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