~You know you are old when you can’t use “Look at the kettle calling the kettle black” as a comeback nowadays coz the darn kettles use electricity nowadays.

~You know you have had you share of years when your movies used to start with the MGM LION sign.

~You know you had it rough in the good old days when the whole family was clad in the same attire, and family outings were commemorated with pictures of the family in the vicinity of an important national monument…

~I miss the good old days when the chewing gums used to come along with stickers of football stars or stick-on tattoos

~You know you enjoyed life in the good old days when cartoons like Danger Mouse, Pizza Cats, Dexter, Rug Rats, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Sonic the Hedgehog and games like Pac Man and Super Mario thrilled your youth beyond measure. And to prove my point dare you deny recognizing this bookcase…

~Some say it’s a lie but I tend to believe that the Social Media called “OUTSIDE” basically shaped who we are right now, and instead of having applications like “POKING” there was that painful program called “BLACK-EYE” which earned you points from the parents to go see a show called “GROUNDING (for the more affluent society) while the other society got “THE BELT”.

~Technically if you can remember the K.C.B Bank A.T.M dancing then YES you are old, so stop denying it or that annoying advert for CHPSY COOKING OIL…

~You know you ribs used to get a thorough beating from watching the VIOJA MAHAKAMANI and VITIMBI show; yeah you know those two shows entitled you parents to get family time out of you as a stubborn child: p

So if you have accepted the fact that YOU ARE OLD, how about you share some of your age old stories 😉



  1. those good old days of Safari Rally….with Rally drivers like Patrick Njiru
    Comedies like Reddyculus;scenes captured of those who pick up currency notes and then a mysterious voice tells them to take it back to the very ground they had picked it up
    when STV was D best Tv channel B4 D owners went kinda bankrupt or something like that

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