So thanks to a Global Village event me along with other AIESEC Internationals got a chance to colonize a small piece of India to showcase our Motherland’s Heritage coz truth be told some people didn’t have a clue where Kenya was,apart from sharing the same ideology that Sarah Palin has, that Africa is a Country and South Africa is its capital.

So it was cool to educate others on my Kenyan Heritage and showcase that Kenya is not only recognised for it’s Athletes who win positions 1,2,3 most frequently but that we also play and are quite good in Rugby and at certain glimpses of a Blue moon we actually show our worth in Cricket.

And i had to do this at the cost of getting rid of my modern clothing and slipping into something more freeing..i know,i know its not what a traditional guy would wear but hey the point is i gave them a rough sketch of what they look like :p


The whole event was bloody filled with propaganda and maliciousness :)..am kidding at times we got invaded kindly by the Tunisians…

Me, Anis and Audrey
Jouda, Me, Manel and Audrey

And furthermore we went on ahead to intergrate with our fellow interns…in short we went to check out the competition while having fun at it… (Code for SPYING 🙂 )


All in all it was a fun event… 😀

I had a great time 🙂


  1. ok. The face make up make u look like a bunny bt otherwise………..al reserve my comments for a more appropriate venue 😉

  2. duuuude this was so bland!!! do they do the kama sutra thing like for real reals there all the time? and why is your article a skeleton!! i was so stoked that i was reading it out loud in an indian accent but now…WAITING FOR THE NEXT ONE

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