What has the world come to:

Q(Blondest chick):Isn’t it strange that all the soldiers in star wars look alike?

A(Irritated Me):uhmmmmmmmmmm there is a reason its called STAR WARS:CLONE WARS…(Emphasis on the Clone part)

Q(Stoned Friend a.k.a Reuben):Duuuuude that movie was sooooo coooooool,especially the beginning,middle and end…especially how it ended with suspense,don’t you think?

A(Irritated Me):You idiot,that was just the trailer….

Telling me :’Hope you don’t mind…’ when you seriously know i will….i dare you,i tripple dare you to do it…i’ll tell on you to mummy.. :p

How do you expect me not to be offended when you say something that starts with ‘No offense,but…’,seriously i’ll cut you

Listen up and listen good,Santa is like a typical guy who won’t ask for directions when he gets lost,say when coming to my home.So dont you dare say he doesnt exist coz that wont sit well with the voices in my head….BE AWARE AND BEWARE.

Going to church doesn’t make you as much a christian as being in the Garage makes you a car.

Is it just me or does Batman have alot of crazy weird Villains…excluding The Joker(who is amaZING..

Why is everyone trying to decipher those ancient rotting language when they can’t even decode Baby language…(which is creepy btw especially those decieving cute smiles…DEVIOUS DEVILS)

Now i feel relieved having shares… 🙂


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