I speak the truth,but i gues you dont understand it coz its alien,
i speak it loud,i speak it true,
making it stick to your conscience like superglue

As a poet dont spread lies like politicians,instead oppose it,stand ur ground and fight,
Use your rhymes and words to give others true sight and insight,
be the one to bring about Change,
Dont use your talent jst to scrape up loose change,

Speak it loud,speak it true,
Listen,Observe,Anaalyse and Deduce
that 1+1 can only equal to 2,
2 words which equal “The Truth”

Never say that something possible,is impossible
Or just coz at the time it didnt make sense,saying it isnt Plausible
So use nature to your advantage and let the wind carry your words,
As you keep your ears to the ground and Listen

Keep your words simple and real with no fiction
Make it sleek for understanding with no complications or friction,
Make it juicy with proper rhyme,
make it relevant to this era n it will live across time,
Coz you gat one chance to do it right,
And if you are lucky that time can be “Right Now”



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