Killing Boredom

Inspired during Boredom Convention:
1.Run around inSquares
2.Calmly have a nervous breakdown
3.Annoy yourself,Get mad at self,Stop speaking to self.
4.Teach your pet rock to play dead
5.Balance a pen on your nose
6.Make up words that start with X
7.Use an eraser till its over.
8.Join every group on facebook alphabetically
9.Cut a rock with water.
10.Calculate the angle @ which lightbulb in fridge goes off.
11.Stuff chilli in your mouth till your ears blow steam which number divides Zero(and no its not Chuck Norris or Makmende)
13.Stare at a glass of coke till all the bubbles disappear.
14.Count rice.
15.Say Hi to all your friends on facebook and twitter individually


One thought on “Killing Boredom

  1. ok, i think stuffing chilli in ones mouth is more of madness than boredom. :I
    av always wanted to measure that angle but the light keeps going off as am tryin to…
    And i have actually cut a rock with water….well…chipped it.
    You forgot one though, run round in circles till u get rily dizzy then count from 20 backwards šŸ™‚

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