Magnanimous Thought

In this life so clearly described as Black and White,
I feel as if some invisible hand moves me around like a game of Chess,
Making me feel like a pawn,yet in my castle i am the King,
Walking around emotionless with this perfect poker face,
Treating trust issues as i would a bee sting,

I may not be tactful or strategic,
but i do know how to win no matter the costs,
not caring about the piles of pawns that bleed for me,making the fiasco tragic,
its a sacrifice they paid for accepting their posts,

i keep my emotions closely guarded,
conversing using words properly worded,
not letting any slight hint of weakness sighted,
any suggestions of sympathy immediately disregarded,

Because i live ina cut-throat world,
where truth is something but a foreign word,
not appreciated but duplicated,
to be used by people as they see fit,
the honest quaranteened and segregated,
cast aside,treated as disgustingly as filth and spit,

philosophy turned on its head,
by sayings auch as “Dont forget the heads you stepped on,on your way to power,you might need them to step on later”
ethics thrown out of the window,
social responsibilty butchered,
Humanity buried with heaps of lies and deciet

with everyone wearing facades you would think its halloween all year round,
everyone has a seat on this bus which is hell bound,
after all we dont act like dogs,rather hell hounds,
all because our virtues are lost never 2 be found

we are damned i tell you,
unless we take heed of those chosen few,
for they know what is wrong n right,
to the point they become martyrs in this righteous fight.


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