Dear,Poetry Book Thief

I pay a tribute of head 2 the numbskull tht stole my previous poetry book..

I dont need 2 be in fashion 2 know tht Googgi is a fake version of Gucci,
Just like u are a fake version of any poet worth their writing,
You hypocritical diction jacker,
so sprung up on ur own lies u would make a better Jack in the box,
Even if u went 2 a high priced private school,
trust me u still n never will have class,
when u talk i cant hear a word u say coz u r like a sprinler,
dude say it,dont spray it,
bragging about having skill and ur rhymes being sick,
who told u making people ill by givin em ear infections was cool,
there might b hope 4 u yet since am here right nw,
i’ll school u on life’s lessons on tru skill,
Spitting rhymes 2 ur chick who is as old as a 2D movie n trust me i eint refering 2 her bust size,
dude i pity ur childhood coz u never played with a hand puppet,coz u were busy using ur sock 4 other purposes n am nt talkin bwt wearing em on ur feet
when people say u r retarded,trust me it eint a compliment,
You a 1minute man,no wonder ur chick left sayin she dont like fastfoods,
You the inspiration behind Wiz Khalifa’s song,
‘Black n Yellow’=’Your face n Your teeth’
So quit while u r behind,coz while am on tht fast track 2 riches u still stuck in traffic,
My chick is fly,whereas urs is still stuck in the terminal,
i dont need 2 have class coz i am on the faculty,
so dont compare urself 2 me coz 2 get 2 my level u can go ahead n queue up 4 tht public elevator,
go get ur act up coz jst coz u play E.A Sports doesnt mean u got Game
i’ll put an end to this mental assault,put a tombstone on it like the undertaker,n with two fingers in the sky:Deuces….
Lawi out….


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