The mind is a funny misundertood place,
Pulling tricks on us u can call it magic,
Insanity and Delirium its first phase of degradation,
making one rrun mad like they were in a race

Those voices u hear yelling in ur ear,
trust me brother they arent there,
saying ‘they come in peace like 2wo fingers in the sky’
these patients r crazy,yapping,screaming and thumping on their chests,
i mean king kong eint gat nothing on these loons.

These doctors b flockin around my bed like em playboy bunnies around hugh hef,
these faces crawling in my skin like i was in a lnkin park video,
i think am goin nuts,no am not macademian,
on tht insane swagg playing russian roulette with 5 bullets like am made of luck,

in here we dont have no gucci,instead we be rockin em straight jackets like they were in season,
locked up in a small white cushioned room,
with no 2go chatrooms,the only company u got is ur alter ego…,

the crazies @ Shutter Island eint gat nothing on us,the doctors call me ‘El Loco’
u can say am literally vocal,
when am of my meds 🙂
i may not be sick in the head,
bt un4tunBly my thoughts are,
they r vile n demented,
cold n dagerous like dementors,

sanity is not in my vocabulary o dictionary,
on the other hand insanity is in my thesaurus of stephen king novels,
look me up on google n u will find the Joker holding up a picture of me as his role model… 😀


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