SCHIZOIDS a.k.a Numbers


They say 1 in 100 contract it,
That’s 1% that turn schizophrenic,
At some point during their lives,
Recovery rate is 3 in 5,
That’s 2 in 5 that can never make
Out of possibly a paranoid delusional state.
To the nation they cost millions of pounds,
Out of which solutions are seldom found.
At a cost of hundreds a month,
To the economy they pack a costly punch.

Over 51 million have it worldwide,
Quarter of a million in the country in which I reside.
Teens at 50% risk of attempted suicide,
It even affects children as young as five,
40% suffering will try suicide,

After possibly feeling dead inside.

A decade on 10% will succeed and die,

A further 15% will be hospitalised.

6% live it rough in the States,

And with another 6% living in jail,

That’s over a tenth who’s life has evidently failed.

So pray from it you never suffer,

And end up becoming another number,

But as a hypocrite I truly amount,

As I’m also one of those whom this rhyme is about.

Don’t worry if these statistics shock you,

If I’m honest they shock me too,

All facts and figures are accurate and true.

So the next time you meet someone new,

Ask yourself are they a number too,

Chances are they’re hiding it from you,

And the rest of the world,

Like I did myself for many a years,

But now I’m here breaking it down for you,

Bringing the facts to you,

And who knows a few years from now we might prove,

To better understand the plights of the sufferers,

Otherwise known as the numbers.


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