Land of What If

STUDY OF THE HUMAN So, i done been watching a few movies recently that sort of allude to how quick anarchy sparks itself up and sadly… That Said have a watch: 1.The Experiment 26 men enroll in a psychological role-playing experiment, where participants assume the identities of inmates and prison guards in an empty jail, […]

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So valid question? How about i take you on a tour down memory lane to some cult classics you  some  may have grown to love as Hellraiser a British horror film featuring the ever vocal PinHead (one of the leaders of the Cenobites, formerly humans but transformed into creatures which reside in an extra dimensional realm, who travel […]


REDRUM! Watch List

Welcome to My REDRUM! Serie Vault So keep in mind,typing is soooooo….uhmmmm when was the last time i didn’t use gifs to save my grammar Sanitarium (2013) Summary: Are you ready for a Triller Thriller (Hahaha coz they are 3 in 1… .. .. hahaah 😀) Figuratively Speaking Monsters are Real Up to the Last Man My […]

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They Must Know!

Another day in my routine of an excuse i call LIFE! So tired, long day at work; don’t even get me started about the rain. Yes in abundance too, but what am i but a hindrance to nourish the earth, but enough about that, i am warm and i am home. Yes! another construct by […]

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Daily post: Now you see me…

Free Travel OK, this is 200% in violation of the superhero code of ethics…and mine as well. Buuuutttt….if we’re talking about fantasy, let’s go there! I would totally be tempted to board an international airline with the first class passengers while invisible (Yes, the handbag might be a bit of a problem but we can […]

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Meet “RON”

Vroom! Vroooom! Yes my ‘car’ is stuck in the mud and it’s not really a car like the ones the cool kids have. What is a car though, other than wheels and an engine unlike the flashy common “toys” other kids have This is No “Toy” but my creation; My Design; not to be shared […]

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Feminist Complaint

Originally posted on feministkilljoys:
I have offered a feminist equation Rolling eyes = feminist pedagogy. I want to make sense of this equation, or to show how this equation makes sense. I first came up with this equation – not necessarily in these exact terms – as a sense of something. I realised how much I had learnt…

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Beware The Falling Man!

Where is this? Where am I? What is that? Something is whimpering in the darkness, shrill like the wheels on a rusty shopping cart, I glint at sad eyes far off in a corner, The place is eerie cold, The whimpers intensify, slight howls break the monotony. As i walk to the eyes the farther […]

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My Book Collection

So i was tagged awhile back to state the books that i have read…i’d rather list the books(though some borrowed & stolen) that i have in my current modest excuse of a collection 😀  

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Letter to Myself

Dear Rabid Cur Rabid because I detest the sickness that has plagued you You have become a pathetic shallow husk of our former self, Degraded to be a mere leech of sadness and loneliness, Ever pawing at the past when there is no loop just “Press Play” Addicted to wallowing in ifs and sorry, Daydreaming […]

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